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catholicsingles's Journal

Catholic Singles
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Well, this community has a new maintainer, it's me, meganlynnangela. I'd like to change the pace here a bit, I want us to encourage one another to be active singles, as opposed to future couples. Most of us will have the rest of our lives to be half of a couple; so while we're waiting for that special someone, let's do something with our singlehood! Let's prepare ourselves to be the best servants of God we can possibly be--whether that's as part of a married couple, or in the single life or committed to a religious vocation or community. Of course we will get lonely from time to time, but believe it or not, people who have been happily married will, from time to time, miss their freedom! So let's not play "the grass is greener" game, let's enjoy the gifts we have been given right now! Ready, go!

Patron Saints of Single Women:

* Agatha
* Alodia
* Bibiana
* Emiliana
* Flora of Cordoba
* Gudule
* Julitta
* Margaret of Cortona
* Martha
* Nunilo
* Praxides
* Syncletica
* Tarsilla
* Zita

Patron Saints of Single Men:

* Benedict Joseph Labre
* Benezet
* Boniface of Tarsus
* Caesarius of Nanzianzen
* Casimir of Poland
* Christopher
* Cuthman
* Epipodius
* Gerald of Aurillac
* Guy of Anderlecht
* John Rigby
* Joseph Moscati
* Luke the Apostle
* Marinus
* Pantaleon
* Roch
* Serenus
* Theobald